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हृदय [Hridaya] by Bhagawan Koirala

Lekh Post October 14, 2022
Hridaya by Bhagawan koirala

About The Book Hridaya by Bhagawan Koirala

In this special edition, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala‘s experiences of struggle in life, solutions to problems in the health sector that he saw and various topics of medical education are also included with analytical views.

‘Hridaya’ not only tells the story of a diligent, hardworking and skilled doctor, it also talks about Koirala’s managerial qualities.

A specialized heart hospital is under construction in Kathmandu as ‘Kathmandu Institute of Child Health’ (KIOCH).

Book Name: Hridaya
Writer Bhagawan Koirala
Category: Novels
Publisher: FinePrint
Language: Nepali
Edition: 1st
Pages: 317
Weight: 200 g
ISBN: 9789937746335
Binding: Paperback
Release : 14 October, 2022
Price: ₨ 517.00
Order : Buy Now

From Back Cover page

Not only a diligent, diligent, honest doctor, but also a successful manager. After reading this book by Bhagawan Koirala, you will know how much our politics is a helper, how much an obstacle for those who do good deeds! This memorable work of Koirala not only shows the mirror of the problems, solutions, achievements and possibilities of the medical field of Nepal, it will also bring the medical field to the masses. And will make some emotional and some motivated. Even an atheist will become an atheist after reading about what Koirala managed to do in the midst of so many obstacles, temptations, problems and chaos.

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A story outside the theater of operations

Dr. who has performed more than 20,000 heart surgeries. Koirala realized the lack of multi-specialty hospitals for treating children in Nepal.

In order to reduce that shortage and because of lack of money and access or  treatment is not possible in Nepal, a plan was made to build a children’s hospital.

Koirala and his group, who have drawn blueprints for the construction of hospitals in all seven provinces, have already started the construction of the Kathmandu Institute of Child Health, Central Hospital building.

50% of the author’s profit from your purchase of this book will go to the hospital construction campaign.

Hridaya by Bhagwan Koirala: Hridaya' is the first nepali book by Dr. Bhagwan Koirala.

About The Author Dr. Bhagawan Koirala

Bhagawan Koirala was born on July 24, 1960 in Palpa, Nepal. He is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, professor and social worker.

‘Hridaya’ is the first nepali book by Dr. Bhagawan Koirala.

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