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Galli Sadak Lyrics By VTEN

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August 20, 2022
Galli Sadak Lyrics By VTEN

In this articles, we have published “Galli Sadak” song lyrics by Samir Ghising ‘VTEN’.  Before posting the lyrics, we will discuss about this song .

About a VTEN

‘VTEN’ was born on May 21, 1996 in Rautahat and currently lives in Kathmandu.  He is popularly know by his stage name ‘VTEN’ and real name is Samir Ghising.

Samir Ghising ‘VTEN’ is a Nepalese rapper and actor. He has worked with various popular rapper such as Girish Khatiwada.

Eminem’s team name tattoo ‘D-12’ is carved on the ‘Vten’ hand and the next hand is a tattoo of Eminem’s album ‘Bad Meets Evil’.

VTEN songs has praised for their realism, relatability to the struggle of young people in Nepal, and potent and exceptional self-expression of feelings.

He is the first Nepali solo artist to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Nepali Musical artist Samir Ghising 'Vten

About of VTEN Song “Galli Sadak”

This song has released on YouTube with the title of (VTEN – GALLI SADAK (OFFICIAL MV 2021) || Prod. By @beatsbyhype).

“Galli Sadak” song was Lyrics by Vten. The song was Performance, composition and concept by himself.

Viten has arrested several times for the subject of the song he openly sang. He has included this subject in his song ‘Galli Sadak’.

In the video, he has covered the subject of oppression by the police. The path he chose was wrong for the society and the administration.

He said in the song that he got all these things from the society. He has raised the question of what will happen to a broken society in this song.

Samir Ghising ‘VTEN’ has released the song “Galli Sadak (गल्ली सडक)” on October 30, 2021 from his official YouTube channel.

Vten “Galli Sadak” song of 4.13 minutes long has viewed 26.7 million times so far on YouTube.

The Samir Ghising ‘VTEN’ song ‘Sasto Mutu’ is also available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Sound Cloud.

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