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Ijoriya [इजोरिया] by Subin Bhattarai

Lekh Post September 5, 2022
Ijoriya [इजोरिया] by Subin Bhattarai

About The Book Ijoriya

Ijoriya (इजोरिया) is a New Nepali Novel by Subin Bhattarai. It was released on Friday, Bhadra 24, 2079 at Nepal Pragya Pratishtha.

“Ijoriya” is a Maithili language word. Which means Moonlight (जुनेली).

Ijoriya is a story of friendship, women, Madhes, liberation, love and affection. Still to say it is a musical epic written in the ink of the heart.

This novel published in Nepali language was published by Fineprint Publications.The following information about this book is given below.

Book Title Ijoriya
Writer Subin Bhattarai
Catgory: Novels
Publisher: FinePrint
Language: Nepali
Edition: 1st
Pages: 317
Weight: 200 g
ISBN: 9789937746595
Binding: Paperback
Release : 9th September 2022
Price:  580.00
Order : Buy Now

From the back cover page of this book

Readers of Subin Bhattarai know. Be it subject or style; They do something new in every book. His psychological relationship-literature is evergreen.

As the Kathaakee Patra, Summer Love, Priya Sufi reaches Izoria, he has become stronger in language, emotion and geography. About The Ijoriya Author Subin Bhattarai.

Subin is a trend setter who never stays in the comfort zone. And every reader will be amazed by Subin’s new John Chumer from this book.

  • Ijoriya is a story of friendship.
  • Ijoriya is the story of a woman.
  • Ijoriya is the story of Madhes.
  • Ijoriya is a story of liberation.
  • Ijoriya is a story of love and affection.
  • Ijoriya is a musical epic written in the ink of the heart.

About the Author Subin Bhattarai

Subin Bhattarai was born on November 5, 1982 in Khotang, eastern Nepal.

He is a Nepalese writer and columnist. Summer Love, his second book and his first novel, was a trendsetter and popular with young people.

His first book, Kathaki Paatra, an anthology of short stories, was published in 2011. He completed his master’s degree in Environmental Science in 2005 from Tribhuvan University.

Bhattarai used to write and recite many poems on Radio Nepal. He started writing in school from the age of 10.

He acted in several dramas as child artist and co-hosted the popular children’s program Hatemalo on Radio Nepal.

List of novels written by Suvin Bhattarai

  1. Kathaki Patra
  2. Summer Love
  3. Saya
  4. Mansoon
  5. Priya Sufi
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