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Nepali Mahan Bhanai

Lekh Post April 12, 2022



1. Always make your people feel like you belong. Otherwise time will teach your people to live without you.

2. Don’t compare yourself to anyone in this world. If you do this, you are insulting yourself.

3. One second of life is precious, but one second is not guaranteed, so as long as you live, save everyone by speaking two sweet and truthful words.

4. Thousands of flowers are needed, thousands of lamps are needed to make garlands, thousands of drops of water are needed to decorate Aarti, to become the sea, but “woman” alone is enough to make home a paradise.

5. The world likes liars.

6. Today, people who are eager to get married without making a career, regret it later.

7. You just have to learn to smile, crying was inherited from birth.

8. As beautiful as a flower is, praise is of fragrance;

9. The worst thing about pride is that it never lets you know you’re wrong.

10. Learn to appreciate in time because neither life meets again and again nor true people.

11. Times have changed, now change your thinking too. With the help of old age, now you can also become a daughter.

12. Destiny and thinking should be good… otherwise everyone will do well… !!

13. The sufferer can go ahead and be happy, the sufferer can never be happy.

14. It is not in my nature to make friends with the birds, who are sad to fly with anyone.

15. Experience has shown that walking alone is better than walking in the light with a deceiver.

16. The search is for the one who will love for the rest of his life, not for two days.

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