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15 Loving Messages to Tell Your Lover

Lekh Post June 1, 2022

The magic of words is a wonderful thing, more important in love.

The month of February, Valentine’s Day and the surrounding Rose Day, Chocolate Day and many other days have a special connection with the sweet expression of love.

And we have come to add sweetness between you and your love through some of your phrases. Here is the 15 love messages that you must say to your loved ones.

The most romantic phrases ever found, just for you and your love. Let’s dive into these feelings of love.

1. And in that sweet smile of yours, I find a brighter glow than these stars.

2. It is one thing to fall in love, it is another thing to be loved by someone, and it is this obligation to love that makes one truly loved.

3. I have never loved you so much in this moment, and I will never love you less than this moment in the future, my love will always grow for you like the moon of Shuklapaksha.

4. Sometimes when you and I are together, I don’t see myself, I only see you and me inside you.

5. I love you and remember that no one can take away my love, our love is immortal.

6. No matter how far away I am, and no matter how far I have gone, I remember the way back to you, you are the center of my life circle.

7. I love you and I can’t think of losing you because I have had good days in my life since I met you, haven’t I? Colors have been added to my simple life without colors since you came, now I have struggled with loneliness, remember right, you are in my mind, only you.

8. What have you done? Or what happened between us and the pain you gave me? I don’t care, I swear, as long as I live, I will love you.

9. I love you because you are like me, we are made for each other.

10. I love you as much as a fat kid loves a cake. Are the moments we spend less sweet than the taste of a cake?

11. They said that there is life after death, I will love you even in that life.

12. Lovers in selfish love say I love you so I love you, but my love is not selfish, I say I love you so I want you.

13. I am in love with you completely, right now but boldly saying, I love you. No car, no house, but I will keep you in the shadow of love. Give me love and trust, I will give you the world.

14. I see the rest of my life in your eyes, I have your dreams in my eyes, come and dream.
I will choose you, I will continue to choose. In crowds of people, in loneliness and at every turn, I will keep you in my heartbeat without any doubt and I will continue to find the sounds of your love with every beat without any interruption.

15. With the touch of love, every heart will become a poet, I am dedicating every one of my poems to you.

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