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Happy Mother Day Wishes, SMS and Messages in Nepali Language

Lekh Post April 19, 2023
माता तीर्थ औंसी शुभकामना

In this post you can find Happy Mother Day wish message.

About a Mothers Days

Every year, Matatirtha Aunsi, which falls in the spring season, is celebrated as a day to see the mother’s face.

The day to see the mother’s face, ie Matatirtha Aunsi(मातातीर्थ औँसी), is called the Mother Day.

How did this Matatirtha Aunsi(Mother’s Day) begin?

Many years ago, there was a place where cattle were grazing.

One day a shepherd lost a piece of bread that he threw in the square. Surprised, he threw another piece of bread, but it also disappeared.

The other shepherds also threw pieces of bread, among the three, the bread thrown by the one whose mother was alive remained there, only the bread thrown by the one who did not have a mother disappeared.

According to the story, it was not even the mother who threw the bread for the first time. That day was Aunshi of Baisakh Krishna Paksha.

On the second day, the bread did not disappear like the previous day.

On the day of Aunsi, the villagers believed that the dead mother came to that place and ate what her children gave to her, and named it as Matatirtha.

Thus every year on this day those who do not have a mother went there and bathed in the tank and offered sweet food to celebrate Mother’s Day and the Matatirtha fair started.

That is why the mother is remembered first in various scriptures. “Be Mother God, Be Father God, Be Acharya God.”

A verse in Sanskrit, ‘Janani Janmabhoomisch Swargadapi Gariyasi’, which refers to the importance of mother, is very popular.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes, SMS and Messages in Nepali Language See below

Happy Mother's Day

There are many ways to die
Mother is the only way to be born
There are many who say they love
But mother is the real form of love
As many as there are those who seek to teach
But the real teacher is the mother

Happy Mother's Day WishesMessages in Nepali

Mathatirtha Aushiko Shubhakamana

I feel so lucky to have you as my mom. Thanks for always believing in me and doing so much for me each day. Have a great Mother’s Day, you deserve to be spoiled!

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